mirage speedy! help

  1. :drool:if anybody sees a mirage speedy in noir or bordeaux please let me know. i want it. i didn't wait list for it and now i want to get one. thanks everybody.
  2. Just call 866 vuitton......or call around yourself. That's what I'm planning on doing once I have made up my mind.
  3. i have been calling around but no luck. 866 just tells you that they are wait listed.
  4. Call the Macy's Herald Square Vuitton. People generally don't waitlist there because most of them are tourists passing through. As a result, you can usually get luck with limited items.
  5. I had a post last week, i passed on a noir, it may still be be available. PM if you are interested and i can give you the info.
  6. Call Saks or LV in the Boca Towne Center. They had some. Also, the LV in Saks in the Florida Mall in Orlando had some yesterday. Call a few stores instead of the 866 #...they are around.
  7. Call LV in Fashion Show Mall, Vegas...they had the bordeaux on display. Neiman Marcus in Vegas had the noir. Good luck!
  8. Oh sweetie.....I hope you find one !!!!!!
    Good luck!!!!!
  9. That was me and I just called them and they already sold the noir. However they said they were getting another shipment. (didn't say when...maybe Oct.) SA said to call them and she can put you on the wait list.
  10. I know that the Portland OR store had the Bordeaux on display, apparently no one waitlisted!!! I picked up the Noir and had to leave his little Bordeaux brother behind.
  11. Just call the hotline and be waitlisted, where do you live by the way? Because here in Canada there were at least 4-5 left... -.-;;;
  12. I was at the LV in Los Angeles at Hollywood and Highland today and they have the Noir I was coveting it......
  13. Try Dallas Galleria. I held it on Saturday... they may still have it. PM me if you want contact information

    I hope you get one!!!
  14. I have heard that some stores have them on display, but they are already sold... they just keep them on display until they are picked up!