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  1. Saw a noir Mirage Speedy on eBay...seller listing date code as 410080, made in France. But my bordeaux Mirage Speedy (LV boutique purchase) has a date code SP3057.

    Just curious...can anyone clarify?
  2. Doesn't sound right to me. Maybe she's reading the wrong thing? Or maybe that's the model number?
  3. Hopefully just a typo...the listing seems legit & as an owner of the same type bag, that one looks good to me (though I'm not an expert). It just peaked my curiousity is all. I wondered maybe if LV came up with some more new date code formats...
  4. ^^^^^Oh & the model numbers for Mirage Speedy are (bordeaux M95586) and (noir (M95587)
  5. Hi, I just bought the Mirage Speedy in bordeaux. Can you tell me where the date code is? How can you read the date? i'm just learning -thank you
  6. To the OP, I'd say if you're interested in it, ask for pics of it.
    And bellabird, it should be on the inner pocket along the seam on a tab, I believe.
  7. bellabird, I own the same bag...open the inside pocket, look at the top right side near to the seam (be careful, it's verrry close to the seam). You may need a small flashlight as it's hard to see.

    lvbabydoll, thanks for responding to my question:smile:
  8. You're welcome. :smile:
    The only date code format going right now should be the 1st/3rd numbers representing the week of the year and the 2nd/4th representing the year. So yeah the one from that auction is quite odd.
  9. Thank you!

  10. HI Sugarcookie, could you plssssss post a pix of the locatie of this data code of your bag, coz I just CAN'T find this code inside the pocket side (yep I looked near to the seam). I am affraid I will abuse my bag since I really wanna know this...


  11. ^^^ I too would like for you to post a pic! It would be helpful in the Date Code Locations thread. :tup:
  12. I just checked on my newly concurred mirage noir (just came back from picking her up :biggrin:) and looked for the date stamp as well. It is indeed there on the inner pocket (on the side that is sown on) on the right. You can feel it with your fingers (it's stamped/branded) in the fabric. You can also try to pull the lining out a bit (it's not stuck to the bag) and if you put a flashlight on it you can see it.
    It is still hard to tell, but I believe mine says OU(?)3067
    I'm sure about the last 4 numbers, though I'm not sure about the first two, don't know if they are numbers or letters. The second sure looks like an U but the first, really not sure if it is an 'O' or a zero...
  13. It's more than likely DU3067, meaning that your bag was made in France on the 36th week of 2007.
  14. Hi all! There's another thread about Mirage Speedy date codes somewhere here that I just posted on a day or two ago. I tried my darndest to get good pics of the date code but as some of you Mirage owners already know, it's located sooo close to the seam that you practically have to rip your bag apart to see it. I used a full spectrum craft light for better visibility but just couldn't get pics clear enough. Blech! Hopefully someone else will have a bag whose date code isn't so hard to get to. I suppose I could try again in a few days when I'm not so frustrated by the whole process.
  15. i found a picture of the date code from someone selling the bag on eBay...i hope posting thier picture is not against the rules. (Plz remove if it is!)
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