Mirage Speedy: Classic or Trendy?

  1. Hi Everyone, I am thinking of purchasing the Mirage Speedy. I can't really just spend $2K on a bag that will be out of style in a year. Do you think the mirage speedy will be a classic or is it just a trend? Do you recommend the bordeaux or the black?

    Also, does anyone have the denim speedy? Is this bag a classic? I am in Love with both!

  2. I suppose that many people that have an interest in high-end designers like Louis Vuitton are somewhat concerned with classic/trend problems because we want to be "in fashion" but honestly, AS LONG AS YOU LOVE IT...WEAR IT FOR AS LONG AS IT LASTS YOU!
    Probably, Mirage Speedy borders on the "trendy" side, imo. Yet, if it's your style then, it can become a classic piece for you that you take out all year round and for years to come. I would also recommend the BLACK. The denim line is probably more "practical" in that I think you can be kind of rough on those pieces.
    I work retail, I tell women all the time...'get it because of how it makes you feel'.
  3. I don't know what the mirage even looks like, but my gut feeling is no it will not be a classic. But the resale on LV is very good and you will not lose your money entirely when you feel like the bag is over. I think if you love it you should go for it and if you still like it even after it's over you should still wear it.

    I can relate on some level to the need of wanting to buy only classics bec. of the pricetag. I thought mc was over since Jessica Simpson made it trendy back when it was released years ago now, and I went back and forth whether or not I should get the black mc speedy next or skip it bec. that's too much money to spend on something that's over. I convinced myself that the bag is still current bec. they are still coming out with new mc lines all the time and the speedy is the 'classic' one they make. Plus I just love the bag and can't get it out of my system, lol, it seems too rigid and harsh to deny oneself of a thing they admire just bec. of the way it's perceived by others. Is there a picture of this mirage, I'm so curious.
  4. I think that it will be more of a classic bag. It is a LV mono print with a twist. Very cool, I wish I could get one in black - stupid purse ban!
  5. I forgot to comment on the neo speedy, denim speedy. I think that is the 'classic' of the denim lines imho. However, the new black denim and the cabby in general seems to have stolen the thunder of the neo and in mho the neo seems a bit 'over' to me now. Plus it's sister bag the baggy gm and pm are now going to be discontinued and they look soooooooooo similar that you can't help but feel the neo now is sort of past it's prime a bit too. I still think it's a lovely bag though and admire it every time I see a posting of one or one on the street or boutique. I'm not going to be getting one though bec. I can't afford to buy a bag that is seasonal, the neo looks like a spring/summer bag only. The black cabby however looks like it can go through the winter.
  6. There are tons of pictures of the mirage in the reference thread.
    I have been in a quandry about this bag myself. I have seen it in person and am not so concerned that it will go out of style but more that there is a trememdous amount of difference between it and the regular mono speedy. I love my mono speedy but it retails for about a third of thr price and I wonder if I should spend the money on something that is so close to something I already have
  7. trendy
  8. A bit of both, classic with the Mono and trendy with the trims. As always though, no LV will ever be out as long as you still love it and will use it.
  9. ITA with Rebecca- as long as you love it- it shouldn't matter if it's trendy or not.
  10. Mirage will be a classic! :tup:It doesnt look trendy as it still has the signature mono canvas but glammed up with the black patent leather. And it will last longer IMO than the one with the vachetta so i think its worth the price. The black is gorgeous. I find the denim too trendy.
  11. I agree with Rebecca. LV really never goes out of style. Many styles that most called "trendy" are still being used frequently and still sought after by many people. I guess it all depends on whether or not you use it frequently or not.
  12. I want a Mirage speedy, and I personally don't care if it is a "classic" I like bags that I LIKE and that is all I care about! I will use my LV bags for MANY years to come! As far as the denim speedy, I have it in fuschia. I love it too! I think it is a great bag for everyday, or just for occasions that you want to show it off! It looks great on everyone, short, tall, thin, not so thin! EVERYONE!!!
  13. I want a mirage speedy, although im not sure if i will actually spend 2k on a speedy...i'd rather get a chanel GST. But if i totally loved it and had the extra money to spend then why not. LV is always a classic that doesnt go out of style IMO
  14. Classic style with a trendy twist.
  15. I think it's more classic than most of the seasonal speedies- cerise, miroir, perfo, and particularly the frange :p Just don't count on it bringing you more than retail a couple years down the road- the $1800 original pricetag will make achieving that difficult.