Mirage Speedies...

  1. Hi.. I read from some post that the Mirage Speedies will have a seam at the bottom .. Is it true ? I went to the show last nite and my SA told me that usually what they get are what is going to be launch but from what I see.. it is still make from one piece .. can someone please update me on the info ?

    Thanks !!
  2. some have reported seeing a seam at trunk shows. i guess we won't know til sept 15
  3. not long now !!!!! hee.....
  4. I can't wait to find out!
  5. are they really coming on the 15th...
  6. from the one i have seen there is a seam on the bottom. till sept 15 or oct 1 etc etc etc
  7. yes they are seamed. at least the one i saw at the trunk so was. i also recall that the seam is covered with patent leather as well. they are seamed so the gradation matches on both sides.
  8. I cant wait to see and get mine !!
  9. ^^^ patent leather over the seam? i saw the bag but did not see this...
  10. did u see the one with the seam ?? cos the one I saw graduates evenly on both size but not seam @ the bottom !!
  11. Can't wait to get mine!!!
  12. yes, saw the seam, did not see patent leather over it.
  13. Thanks I cant wait!!