Mirage release date!! JUST CALLED!! 9/10

  1. My store manager just called and told me the date has been pushed up to SEPT 10!!!

    My baby will be ready to pick up in 2 days! I am sooo excited!!!!

    WOO HOO!!
  2. Are you in the USA?
  3. Funny, I was told last night it was still for September 15th.
    I live in the states, so that may be different...
    Europe already has them !!
  4. I am in the USA she called and said LV Corporate moved up the date. She just found out today. It was the store manager. ;)
  5. You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, Selena,
    My SA called to let me know I can pick up my Mirage Noir on MONDAY,
    and possibly my Limelight Clutch too (if i like it) !!!!!!
  6. Wooohoooooo......I know how much you've been waiting for it Selena!!!! You need to change your ticker LOLOL
  7. I'm not surprised, since it seems like members in Europe have already picked theirs up!! Congrats to Mirage lovers!
  8. thanks for the update Selena!!!

    my SA is supposed to call me today so hopefully she'll tell me the same news!
  9. LOL! I dont want to jinx it! LOL
  10. Yup, it is being released on Monday here in Toronto too! I put my name on the burgandy one.....I hope I made the right choice!
  11. I hope I get the call...was just in last night and I'm 2nd on the list. My SA said they just got the bordeaux in..no black yet. I'll be anxiously awaiting!!!
  12. I haven't got any call yet and I'm wondering why. Uuugh!!!!:s
  13. I have had no call yet. I am #2 on the list for my bag so I hope I get mine soon!
  14. Dont worry my store only got ONE burgandy in, they are getting the rest in Monday..so maybe its a slow trickle.
  15. ^^ My regular SA in Dallas. I recently moved to Houston and I was in the store today. I asked them when the Mirage stuff was coming out and they said November... I was like okay? :confused1: I hope not..lol..