Mirage or Mirrior


Which line do you prefer??

  1. Mirage

  2. Mirrior

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  1. Do you have both , which will be more rare .. and which do you prefer and why ??
  2. I think the Miroir will be more rare, there was alot of Hype over it
  3. I don't have either, but love both. They are both so different! I imagine if I had both, each would go distinctly with different items in my wardrobe and they wouldn't be in competition at all! It would be a perfect marriage!
  4. mirage. i have a miroir pochette and a mirage speedy, and the speedy wins my :heart:.
  5. I have both lines--- silver & gold Miroir Lockits and the bordeaux Mirage Speedy. This is quite a toss-up since these two lines are completely unique in their own right. I love my Miroirs and my Mirage Speedy equally, but I did vote for the Miroir only because it edges out the Mirage in bling factor. lol
  6. wow dude, seems like miroir is preferred. i like mine but the mirage just wows me.
  7. They are so different. I think for casual day to day wear mirage is better. But miroir makes sucha big impression and is so special, I have to vote for that.
  8. miroir !!! :yahoo:
  9. I love both but if I have to choose I would go for the mirage. I think it's more usefull, go with casual and dressy wear.
  10. Mirroir! It's stunning.
  11. I have the Mirroirs and am waiting for Mirage. I know that I personally will get more use out of the Mirage because I know I will be able to use it everyday. The Mirroirs for me are strictly evening bags.
  12. Miroir all the way for me
  13. I don't own any unfortunately, but I looove Miroir! Mirage is very beautiful, but I do not like it too much for my age. And Miroir is so stunning...
  14. You simply can't compare the two.
    I have a Miroir Lockit in Silver and the Mirage Speedy in Noir.
    The lockit screams....."Look at me!! I'm alot of fun!!",
    while the Mirage attracts attention in a curious, subtle sort of way...."Is that a vuitton? Where are the logos?....and those black handles.....wow !! "....

    Both are fabulous in their own right, which is why I am lucky to have both!
  15. miroir is way more rare and limited than mirage will ever be.. mirage is just a plain monogram with patent leather, not a big wow factor as oppossed to the bling factor of the miroir.. thats my opinion :smile: