Mirage Musette....anyone have one already? Modeling pics?

  1. I was thinking of buying a Mirage Musette and was wondering if anyone already had one, how you like it, is it as ginormous as the SA I talked to made it seem to be, and if you had any pics/modeling pics.

    As always, TIA. :p
  2. i have seen them. played with a bordeaux on two occasions, one last saturday. it is rather big, too big for me. would look better on taller people but i am short, 5'3''.
  3. Would you say it has a lot more "presence" than the Musette Speedy because of the size? That's how the SA described it to me. I'm only 5'4" and worry that it might be too big. I am still on the hunt for the perfect black bag....it's been 2 years and counting.

  4. i would agree. the shape is less known vs. the speedy which is very known, so keep that in mind too. i do think it has more presence because of this reason. it's beautiful though, regardless of size i'd probably buy a black one anyway if i had the cash.
  5. I saw the Bordeaux Musette at the trunk show and it was gorgeous! It is a bigger bag-I'm 5'6 and was a big bag for me but long (or tall should I say). I'll bet this bag in Noir would be stunning. You will be able to fit alot of stuff in it! The "fade" on it is TDF! I say go for it! I'm patiently waiting for my Noir Speedy.

    P.S. OMG-Your puppy is adorable!
  6. Oh! I hope someone gets this soon. I would love to see pics!
  7. The musette is large! The bag is gorgeous though.. You can see the fade really well on it. I am only 5'1 so the bag looked HUGE on me. It is a really long bag. I don't think the musette is out yet....
  8. Yes, it's limited but available now.
  9. God, this is so weird.

    No one in Hawaii knows anything about when it's coming... (I'm on WL for Noir Musette)

    Def. not yet available here.
  10. Emily-I waitlisted in Maui for the Mirage Speedy and still no call. When I was at Whaler's village last week, the SA there didn't even know what Mirage was. I don't know what's going on. Hawaii usually gets stuff first. It is really weird! I'm starting to panic.

  11. ^^^^^
    I thought YOU were getting that bag?
    Or was it the griet?
  12. Hm, maybe you should call and ask to speak to a manager?

    I know Ala Moana has gotten several Speedys. Caley (from Maui) got hers through Ala Moana as someone said... I think because she prefers a certain SA there? Not sure.