Mirage, mirage griet! to all those who has it? is it gorgeous? should I get one?

  1. calling all mirage owners! I really need to know if it is comfortable, I know its its a total haead turner... a bit pricey but if its worth the pice then I'd be more than happy to get one... but guess what????? out of stock here in the Philippines! I have to wait for the Louis event this dec 6 to get one... that is how I was able to get my neverfull Gm by the way... funny right...Oh and louis Vuitton here in the Philippines is almost twice the price as that of eluxury meaning times two here! but no choice ther is olny one L.V botique here grrrrrr..... pls send me to champs elysee! I got my AZUR GM saleya there for only 709 euro... imagine that!:yahoo:
  2. For us Asians, the Mirage Griet may be a little bit big for our frame and height. I was choosing between a Mini Lin Speedy and a Griet..so I tried both. True..the Griet is beautiful..stunning even...but, I had to face the truth and admit that the bag is just way too big for me. Not only that...the bag was quite heavy too. So my advise would be...to try on the bag first...and if it fits you...GO FOR IT! My height is 5'3" and the bag just weighed me down :sad:
  3. I just bought the Mirage Griet and I am pondering returning it. It is overly structured and really large. IMO, it is not a practical bag. I love it, but I need practicality.
  4. Agreed. I have the Damier and feel the same way...plus, there's something wrong with the lining on mine...I'm taking it in on Tuesday to see what they say. :sad::s
  5. I saw the MC and mirage griet last weekend in Vegas and they were huge! They are gorgeous, but the mirage was too heavy and too structured for me. I ended up with the mahina ... but if you really love the griet, then I say go for it! Dec 6 is just around the corner ... have fun at the event and let us know what you buy!
  6. I would try it on and see how you feel....I love the shape of it:love:
  7. Gorgeous but NOT practical!
  8. I don't own one but have seen several comments on the forum from owners stating that the bag is kind of awkward to carry and can get quite heavy. It's probably one of those bags you have to try out for yourself.
  9. The Griet is quite huge, although it did take my breath away in the Fall season pictures. I have the Mirage Speedy and love it...I think the line is really unique and have been complimented many times on it. I dunno if you're looking at the Griet exclusively, but maybe give Speedy (or maybe even Musette) a chance as it is a beautiful spin on a classic.
  10. The bag is HOT... but I've never seen it IRL, so not sure if it's as big as people say it is.
  11. Gorgeous bag, but since those who own it seem to find it too structured and large, you may want to consider something else. If you love it, then I hope you can get one soon. good luck!
  12. I think they're way too big!
  13. I have a Mirage Griet bag and I :love: it. Now I'm waiting for Griet in exotic...... Very unique bag, got a lot of compliments on it! Definitely a head turner and this bag can take a lot of abuse.
  14. Thanks for all your great advice about the mirage girls! really appreciate it!
  15. I think its a gorgeous, knock-out bag, but I have never seen it IRL or tried it on. If you are looking for the mirage, I'd suggest the speedy -- its not as expensive and still has the great fading effect, and I havent seen ANY complaints about that size or shape!