Mirage in Noir or Bordeaux

  1. I think I've finally convinced my SIL to take the plunge to the brown side. It's fun for me cause I can't buy anything new right now (ugh I HATE fighting with insurance companies to receive money owed!!) so I'm shopping vicariously through her.

    Neither of us have seen the Mirage in person but I think it's the bag she's leaning towards. (it will be through a charge send so ordering site unseen) My first instinct was to lean her towards the Noir - black is a staple. She wears lots of denims and blacks, dark colors. She saw one picture though where she didn't really care for the fade on the Noir and thinks the Bordeaux has a more natural "blend" (for lack of a better word). I know the Noir would match her wardrobe however on the other hand it would be more matchy matchy where as the bordeaux would have a bit more vavoom.

    So for those that own them of have seen both IRL given the black/denims of her closet would the Bordeaux coordinate nicely or is it too red? (I think that's the color she's leaning more towards now after I showed her pics in the clubhouse). Anyone with a bordeaux would you wear it with black?

    Thanks Everyone!! :love:
  2. i prefer the bordeaux to the noir but, you cant really decide until youve seen it IRL. both colors are amazing
  3. Bordeaux
  4. Bordeaux!
  5. I saw them both IRL and I much preferred the noir!
  6. Both colors are TDF, but I chose the bordeaux for the "vavoom" factor as you put it. I wear a lot of denim and black and I think the bordeaux gives my outfits that little kick that it needs. I think the noir would look too monochromatic in my wardrobe.
  7. they are both gorgeous ... she should get what she wants!
  8. Josephine - too monochromatic that's exactly what I was wondering about.

    Of course it will be her choice sweet purple .. she's just torn can't buy both is asking me to help her choose (but thanks for the reminder to be gentle with my opinion). Having not seen either IRL I'm at a toss up.
  9. Definitely Bordeaux!
  10. I have the Noir and I absolutely LVOE it.

    Then again, I don't have any burgundy or bordeaux colors in my wardrobe, so black to me is more my style....

    Owning EITHER one of these beauties would be great, I am soooooo happy I bought my Mirage....
  11. well it really depends on what you are going for. i love the look of the bordeaux bit its more trendy in my opinion, i think the nior is more classic.
  12. Didn't mean it to come out that way, sorry ... might be better that way anyway, last thing you need is for her to harbor any resentment or blame you if she ended up not liking it ... you know what I mean? Good luck!
  13. I have bordeaux and it looks awesome with black
  14. I like the bordeaux. The colour is so rich and beautiful.
  15. bordeaux!!!