Mirage Delft in Blue Croc, anyone?

  1. Those who are in love with this FW/07 stunner: Seattle's LV boutique has one, and I saw it and played with it today... :drool:

    This is the bag shown and discussed in this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/l-k-what-gator-treasure-i-found-ebay-230280.html

    Rarely seen and absolutely gorgeous, this is my holy grail, meaning it's unattainable for me :crybaby: , but if you have the funds and the desire, I just wanted to let people know this beauty is for sale in Seattle. It's around eight grand.

    image courtesy of H2girl
  2. That bag is just simply divine... I was sold when I saw the blue croc trimmings. :drool:
  3. ^^^ITA John, well said! Thanks for the heads up Jane, I can wish!
  4. OMG!!! It's gorgeous! I love the blue croc.....it's simply stunning!
  5. Love the blue croc...makes it really pop. What's the retail on this beauty?
  6. It's really is beautiful..........if I win the lottery, maybe! :smile: LOL.........
  7. Gorgeous bag..:drool:
  8. Oh my....I love this! The blue croc is just dreamy....
  9. Sigh.. I wish !
  10. I love it!
  11. It's at the bottom of the first post with the pic...about $8000. :yes:
  12. Wasn't there someone who started a thread and really wanted this bag? The one who lost the auction and was devastated?
  13. I can't remember who that was, although I remember that H2girl won it. So beautiful! I hope someone remembers who the other TPFer was to tell her, since I know she was so upset about it!
  14. Yes, I sent her a private message of the posting, hope she can get it at retail though
  15. I wish they would make an entire bag in that shade of croc. It's heavenly.