Mirage date code question

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  1. To all the Mirage experts: As many of you know I got my new black Mirage Speedy (!!!!!!) a couple of days ago. Does anyone know what the date codes are for the Mirage line? I found it in the bag, but because the lining is black I can't read the code even when I hold the bag under a reading lamp and use a flashlight. It sort of looks like the first two letters are SD, which makes sense since the bag is made in France, but I was just wondering if someone knows for sure.

    Why I am asking: I write down the date codes for all my LV bags when I first get them(because I'm afraid the stamp will become really hard to read over time as I tend to abuse my bags), and put that info together with my receipt copies, in case I ever want to sell them to finance more bags.

  2. I'm moving this thread to the Date Code section, but for future reference, please post any threads pertaining to date codes in this section please!!!

    There are a variety of date codes for the Mirage Speedy. Perhaps try taking pics of the date code with and without the flash [but still underneath a lamp] to see if it comes out.
  3. The date code on my Noir Mirage Speedy is really hard to see! I think it is DU3087. The first two letters are hard to make out, even with a flashlight, but DU makes sense because it's made in France.

    I think SD was only a date code for France for older bags, but is now for the U.S., but I could be wrong about that.