1. Is the mirage worth the price tag? What do you think and why? or is the black neocabby mm the better choice:confused1:
  2. Get the cabby, you have been lusting after it for a while!
  3. I think the Mirage is worth the price... it seems like it took them a while to create this canvas... so yeah.

    If you're deciding to get the Cabby or a Mirage bag, (I'm guessing the Speedy?) I suggest getting the Mirage bag first before they all run out!
  4. I second that:tup:
  5. I think Mirage (speedy I guess) looks really nice but I choose Neo cabby.
  6. The mirage speedy seems like more for the money to me....and more classic...
  7. I definitely agree w/ John's comments - get the mirage before it is too late. These bags are so gorgeous and definitely going to be classics!
  8. I fell in love with both bags and couldn't decide. I ended up buying both. But I think the speedy will sell out becuase they seem to be in high demand. I love my neo cabby and I use it all the time but I think they will keep making more for awhile. The lichen colour was around forever. But in the end you have to get what you love! I have passed on most of the LE bags becuase they were just not me. This one I had to have.
  9. i have the cabby and will soon get the mirage speedy. you will LOVE the cabby so as the others have said, get the mirage first and the cabby later.
  10. I personally don't like the Mirage Speedy very much, although I love the canvas. If I could choose...I would have a very difficult time deciding because I don't love either, but I'd most likely go with the Cabby.
  11. Cabby gets my vote.
  12. I would get the Speedy. It's stunning, will probably be a classic. I have heard that the Cabby is on the heavy side.

    If I could afford either of them (lol), I'd get the Mirage Speedy definitely. It is incredible, and LIMITED.
  13. I just got the mirage noir speedy(I had it rung up but have to pick it up tomorrow!)...I think its a harder to find bag in general.Id get that one first.
  14. I'd choose the mirage speedy over the cabby.
    I think a bag is worth it if you are willing to pay the price without guilt or worry.
  15. I have both and love them both, but I'd get the mirage first since it's limited.