Mirage Bordeaux Anniv Speedy is here!! Sorry...LONG

  1. Soo I have been very bad this year, and have caught the LV bug bad! So far this year, I bought the Manhattan PM (first baby!), then came Epi Lilac Petit Noe, then Azur Speedy 25. When I went to Europe this Sept, I just couldn't resist a Epi Ivorie Speedy 25, an white MC key holder, and also a Damier Iluvo for my mom. And along the way, a few bandeaus and a couple other non-LV designer bags. And I told myself I was done for the year.

    BUT I couldn't get the Bordeaux Mirage Speedy out of my head! I had longed for it since Label Addict's thread even with the fuzzy picture! I didn't have a mono speedy nor a speedy 30, and while it just seemed to be the most classic bag, it seemed a little boring to me (SORRY!). But when I read about the patent handles and the fading effect, and that it was available in Bordeaux (FAV colors are purple and burgundy), I knew I would have a problem. I had actually thought about waitlisting in Paris (the day I left to go back home was 9/15), but didn't know how to do it from NY. I finally settled myself that it was too expensive, and would eventually buy it from a reseller when I could better manage it. So I bought the "cheaper" but still very much loved Epi Ivorie Speedy in Paris along with an Iluvo for my mom. But all your pictures here had me SOO LONGING for it....

    Finally, my wonderful bf decided to put me out of my misery and get it for our 5 yr anniversary!!! I felt SOO guilty about such an expensive gift (we've only been out of college a couple of years), but who can say no?

    So without further ado, here she is (along with my Paris goods that I was too lazy to take pics of):





  2. Here's also the key holder...gave them quite a bit of trouble on the pattern... I really wanted a pink or purple LV above the front gold button, but the only one was a display. The SA convinced me to get a brand new one, and exchange for one I liked in NYC. I couldn't find a pattern in NY either like that, but still love that it has purple and pink centered on the back.


  3. Congrats, it's stunning and I can understand why you couldn't get it out of your head.
    What a sweet BF and a very memorable gift!!
  4. SO gorgeous!!!! Many congrats!
  5. What awesome purchases! They all look GREAT. :tup:

    Congrats. :smile:
  6. A little off topic too, but I found the LV SA's in Europe to be quite clueless about Tivoli. I asked about it in Italy (Milan) and in Paris, but none of them knew what I was talking about even after describing it. One even tried to convince me it was an older, discontinued style! I was trying to find out when it would be available or if the PM would fit over the shoulder....Although after this baby, there will be noo more bags for a while....but a good bag to have a ban for!
  7. Gorgeous - and congrats ! :yes:
  8. I love my mirage too! Congrats on yours! It was well worth the $$$!
  9. Wow, what a nice gift from your BF....Congrats on owning one beautiful Speedy !!!!!!
  10. Yay! What an amazing gift! It really does brighten up the regular mono pattern. Enjoy your bag! And I love the rest of your collection too hehe.
  11. i am really loving that epi ivory speedy, its yummy
  12. Congrats!
  13. Isn't it more gorgeous IRL?

    The funny thing is, probably if you bought the mirage first, it might've saitisfied your LV cravings and would've not ended up with the previous LVs. But, hey, who couldn't use more LVs?
  14. wantmore, you make me :roflmfao:! Who among us has ever satisfied their LV cravings? And you, of all people, with a screen name like "wantmore"!:flowers:

    As for the OP? You must have one awesome BF! Enjoy that Mirage. It looks SO beautiful in the Bordeaux!!!
  15. Congrats!! OMG I'm soo jealous! lol

    I seriously CANNOT stop thinking about this bag, I may break down and buy it this weekend. I haven't wanted a bag this bad in a LONG time

    Again, congrats =)