Mirage Bandeau on E-Luxury?

  1. Does anyone know when or if the Mirage Bandeau will be on E-Luxury? I'm dying to buy one!:tup:
  2. no idea. elux seems to be totaly random. but they arent even on the LV site yet. i didnt know there was one till arnott got one.
  3. I want one too.
  4. I'm totally in LoVe! So beautiful!
  5. Does anyone have any pictures of the bandeau? I don't think I've seen it yet.
  6. This is what it looks like with my PDV:tup:
    LV 4.10.07 003.jpg
  7. This is the bandeau on my speedy. When we were there they had a bandana too. I wish they would come out with a wool mirage scarf for winter....:yes:

  8. I saw on on eLux,you have to check often
  9. I don't think elux will have them. I really want one too!!!
  10. I love it. I must have one.
  11. I found one randomly in the LV store in Seattle
  12. OMG checking elux now....

    checked and no luck.:sad:
  13. I called the 866 number and they were clueless. Does anyone who purchased it have the SKU?
  14. They have it at vuitton.com right now, and you can now buy from the website!!!!!!!
  15. Unless you live in Canada.....Boooooooo:sad: