Mirage Bandeau is selling out

  1. Just called 866 to order one and was told that there are now less than 10 available in the country. Those of whom interested, hurry!:tup:
  2. Really?? That's really quick! I'm glad I got mine then! Will they make more though? I'm not sure how limited editions work...do they only make a certain amt and no more? Or they make the item continuously for a limited amt of time? :shrugs:
  3. According to the SA, they won't be making anymore. It is only available this season.
  4. It is so cute too! I wish I had a use for one!
  5. I agree with you Dell. I think it so pretty!! BUt i don't really wear bandeau's... thus i also don't have a huge use for it as well.
  6. I bought mine at the store less than 2 weeks ago, and now they are sold out!
  7. Just makes getting mine that day with fellow tPF member Sarah that much more special!
  8. ^^^:girlsigh:We did have fun! And I love my bandeau.
  9. Why is it that when you all say those words " it's almost gone, only 3 left in the company or limited edition I go crazy for it and I must find one now!!
  10. I just ordered on off the louisvuitton.com site. I hope it comes...I may have gotten the last one off the site though since it says OOS now.
  11. Hehe....."collector's syndrome", we all know about that here.:p
  12. Hmm...I just called my local store, and they still have 7 left in stock?
  13. What? I must have one. I was hoping to get one. I hope it's not too late.
  14. online site... out of stock... sucksss:tdown:
  15. Will they restock? This was on my Christmas list.