Miracles...Do you believe?

  1. 1- Do you believe in miracles?
    2- Have you experienced one personally?
    3- Have had someone close to you experience one?

  2. 1. totally :amuse:

    2. not yet

    3. nope
  3. 1. Yes
    2. I believe I have experienced more than one, the most amazing was the birth of my son! Giving birth is a miracle in of itself! The other one is watching my father defy odds and living 10 years longer than any doctor thought he could!
    3. I think anyone who knows someone who has been close to dying and survives appreciates how fragile life really is and that being alive, especially under such circumstances, is a miracle.
  4. 1 - Yes
    2 - See Below
    3 - My family was told that a loved one dear to my heart didn't have but maybe a few days to live. She lived another 3 yrs. Her Drs. said she was a miracle and I believe it without a doubt.
  5. 1) Yes, I believe.
    2) I think the act of living is a miracle within itself.
    3) Yes, I've heard of lots of them. I'm not sure if they're true or a little fabricated, though.
  6. Yes to all of them... I have had so many miracles. So many times I should have not survived, and I did (I have had really bad health problems). There are miracles out there- I'm a believer!
  7. Yes. I believe I have exp. quite a few miracles in life - I almost got hit by a truck one time while crossing the street, had I stepped out of the curb half a second earlier I would have been dead. That night while hanging out with my family I realized how miraculous it really was, half a second's difference my family would have been grieving instead of joking around enjoying each other's company. Meeting my husband was a miracle. He and I have been praying for another miracle - our baby. ;)
  8. yes i do believe in miracles. have had so many occur in my family.
    i also get to work with miracle babies at work. to see them fight and overcome all obstacles and get to go home. i am getting teary eyed just thinking about it. but tears of overwhelming happiness.
  9. i wanna believe in miracles..
    but it's soooooooooooo hard when i'm expecting one...
    personlly i'm not a believer when bad things happen to me..
  10. I just may be too darn cynical. But I'd like to believe, i'm praying for one right now actually. I'll letcha know how that goes.:hrmm:
  11. :sad: so sorry. try not to expect it. just let it happen.
    BIG hug out to you:biggrin:
  12. I personally have seen so many miracles that I just stand in awe...
    I have also seen very ill people be healed.
    As all of you know this pregnancy was the most recent miracle in my life.

    Thank you all for sharing your miracles I love hearing about them...they give me butterflies in my belly.
  13. 1.yes
    2.Sorta. I am feeling it!
    3. Don't remember:Push:
  14. 1- Do you believe in miracles? Yes
    2- Have you experienced one personally? Yes
    3- Have had someone close to you experience one? Yes
  15. I believe, to quote William James, that there is an "unseen order," and that "science" doesn't comprehend reality. I have had experiences which seem pretty convincing that there are forces and dynamics beyond our understanding.