Miracle's do they ever happpen

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  1. Have you ever experienced miracle. Or something close to it. If yes how and where. I am actually waiting desperately for a miracle to happen so was qurious do they ever happen or r they just some exaggerated stories.
  2. I think it depends on how you define the word and what your expectations of the word means. If someone you love is sick or injured and you pray for them to get better and they do, then it is easy to say, it was a miracle. Hoping for a miracle to win the lottery - probably not.
    Everyone has a different definition of what a miracle is and I thnk yes, some really do come true.
  3. Every freakin day in my life!

  4. ^^^Agreed! I think miracles happen all the time, although most of the time they're small and subtle. Even though I've had to deal with a lot these past couple years, I really have had a lot of blessings thrown at me that I didn't really acknowledge. For example, I think it's a miracle that my grad program let me go and gave me a chance to finish my masters. Not many PhD programs are this generous (especially since I wasn't a stellar student). I also think it's a miracle that my a few of my friends whom I haven't connected with in years came to me in my darkest moments, especially last fall when I almost had an emotional meltdown and felt so alone.

    As for the really "big" miracles...I've had a couple of those, but they're too personal to share here. :shame: But I really think it's all about perspective...miracles do happen on a daily basis, it's just a matter of being grateful for what is offered to us...and I'll admit, I do have to remind myself this every now and then because I am extremely pessimistic by nature :sweatdrop:
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    In the strict sense of the word...no. Miracle means something supernatural or performed by the hand of God...something with no explanation of cause. Someone surviving cancer is not a miracle. Someone living through a horrible wreck is not a miracle. In other words, that's clearly within the realm of possible reality. When I see someone fly past me, without the aid of mechanical devices, then I'll believe in miracles.

    Oh, and one thing I've often thought about. People tend to always use the word miracle in a positive sense, but if you're saying that a door opening up for you is a miracle, then would a door closing for you be one too? What about a perfectly healthy guy just dropping dead. Is that a miracle?
  6. I believe in miracles. You have to have a belief in something or what else is there to do in your life?
  7. hmmm most of what you all say is true thanks for sharing your opinions. At times disscussions and opinions clear a fog in mind.