Miracle's Do Happen ;0) (Dillion Reveal)

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  1. Well here he is i must admit i have had him a few weeks and have waited till the fuse over the sale has calmed down. to show him to you all

    Most of you who know me know how long i have lusted after this bag, after i let the ginger one at shepton mallet over 2 years ago slip through my hands, and also the nasty fake i bought via ebay and all the trouble i went to getting my money back.

    I want to say many many many thanks to Jazzy Jay( your a star) for helping me find this wonderful bag, she knows how many i have looked at via ebay and all turned to to be nasty fakes.

    Hes in cocoa buffalo leather and i love him to bits.:yahoo:

  2. Oh Snowshoe, he is lovely. I've never seen one before so knew you were lusting after one but not why! The colour is divine and the postmans lock zip is a nice touch. Congratulations. The saying "good things come to those who wait" is obviously true.
  3. Really really beautiful Snowshoe!!! Well done for hanging in there until this beauty turned up! You must be absolutely chuffed. :happydance:
  4. Yay Snowshoe, it's lovely colour & good leather (I love buffalo, saw cocoa in Bays once). Love the subtle two tone trimming & all the detailed little tree & pull with cute locks.

    Modeling pics? I would love to see the size on person!! Congrats - I think this cocoa is better than ginger IMO - :yahoo:
  5. Yummy! I saw a lady on the train a while ago with one of these in az green shade - olive? - wasn't familiar with the style but I instantly loved it. Well done chick, he's a very handsome boy! And total proof in the old saying, 'patience is a virtue'!
  6. Oh Snowy, you and Jazzy really have excelled.... what a beauty. Love the colour and style. Congrats!
  7. Beautiful! What a lovely colour, and I :heart: the postmans lock at the sida, it looks so cool! Well done!
  8. Snpwshoe, congrats i know how long you've lusted after this bag. The colour is lovely and i like the style of the bag. So have you used it yet?.........

  9. nope not as yet might take to shepton meet on the 14th
  10. Lovely bag, Snowshoe - beautiful color, too. Congrats!
  11. Beautiful bag, Snowshoe! Love the colour and the leathe looks divine! How pleased you must be after waiting so long for this bag! Congrats!

    Would be great to see how it looks on you, as I've never seen this style before either.
  12. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Finally he has appeared!!

    Congrats on your much lusted over bag!! :biggrin:
  13. That looks really nice, great colour - enjoy it! :biggrin:
  14. Wow, rare piece and i love the colour.. Congrats Snowshoe!
  15. Oh that's really nice I can see why you love it! Congrats on finding one and for keeping your faith for the past 2 years!!!! All good things come to those who wait!!