Miracle Matignon

  1. Just wanted to share my story, as I know those regulars in this forum thread do love our Goyards. I had saved up for quite some time to get my perfect wallet, the Goyard Matignon. I lost it almost a month ago while walking back from lunch, not knowing I had lost it until the end of the day when I hopped on the train to go home and didn't find my wallet in my bag. As you can imagine, I was devastated. Take all my cards, my cash, but give me my wallet back! I tried to get over it, but still missed it wistfully. Every other wallet I looked to replace it just wasn't the same -- the lining inside the Matignon was leather and high quality canvas. I found that even in the Chanel wallets, the interior is lined with fabric.

    Last week, I received a letter from the police department near my office, informing me that they might have my wallet and to come and claim and identify. I was nearly in tears, but also expecting the worse. What if my Matignon had been through hell and back? I got to the police station, where the attendant pulled my wallet out of a paper bag stapled shut. I intently waited as she opened the bag, pulled out my wallet, which looked *intact*! I opened it, and everything was still in there -- the cash I had just withdrew before I lost my wallet, all my cards and gift cards.

    I can't thank the person who returned my wallet enough, whoever you are. Thank you so much for reuniting me with my Matignon. I promise to not neglect her! May your good deeds send wonderful things your way :heart:

  2. Awww great story!!! Glad you got your wallet back & intact!!:smile:
  3. Oh love your story, thanks for sharing.
  4. What a great story! Bless the kind soul who found your wallet!
  5. Thanks, everyone! Yes, I definitely am so grateful to that person :ty:
  6. Definitely a great story. It is always nice to hear the good that is still being done in the world, just because it is the right thing to do.
  7. You're lucky to have your wallet back - and then, everythings intact! You are blessed
  8. What a wonderful story. And that wallet!! its totally on my hit list!
    thanks so much for sharing your story, it truly is one in a million.
  9. I feel totally blessed - thank you!
  10. PenelopeB, I know there have been many posts on the best zip up wallet and I'd say this one and the LV zippy. I went with this one cuz I already had an overload of LV wallets, and like I said, the quality does not disappoint :smile:
  11. Beautiful story. I got chills while reading.