Minuscule yet mighty! My tiny collection!


Which bag would you carry?

  1. Black YSL

    9 vote(s)
  2. Mauve pink Gucci Disco

    9 vote(s)
  3. Red Givenchy Backpack

    1 vote(s)
  4. Green Prada Backpack

    1 vote(s)
  5. Beige Gucci Disco Mini

    2 vote(s)
  6. Brown Suede YSL

    1 vote(s)
  7. None, not my style!

    8 vote(s)
  8. All of them, bish we are style sisters!

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  1. Hi everyone!
    This forum actually gives me life. It is so refreshing to chat and just be supportive with other handbag/purse lovers. Let's be honest, we all know that most people just don't get it. So to escape to this little world is such a treat! That being said, I don't have the biggest collection, but I think it's pretty cute and worth sharing. Let me know what you guys think. Love you all!
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    My beige Gucci Disco Mini with the golden chain. This bag doesn't fit much, but it's amazingly cute. Much smaller than the full size disco, and most notably, although this does fit a iPhone plus size phone, its a tight and annoying squeeze. The zipper is a little tighter than id like, but you get used to it!
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  3. My jade green mini Prada backpack! I was pretty unsure about this nylon bag at first, because I am usually a leather girl, but I love it! Something about the green color makes the nylon almost look satin. I love pairing it with red or black outfits, its a great pop of color and is just so fun. The bag it's self fits sooo much and is so comfortable. I was able to snag this on sale at the Prada outlet in Cabazon, CA.
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  4. The shining star of my collection. My black pebbled leather Saint Laurent West Hollywood bag in the medium size. This bag is LIIIFFFE. It is so gorgeous, people stare at it, and most of all: it's FUNCTIONAL! It has a zipper in the back, two huge compartments and zipper compartment on the inside, and the flap its self opens into another huge pocket. I would die for this bag in the velvet version! We all know that many of our luxury bags aren't the most functional, and this without a doubt is the best all-around luxury purse I have.
  5. My newest baby, a Givenchy nano backpack in red calfskin leather. I got this bag for a STEAL on Black Friday, and I actually got it from luisviaroma so there was no tax either. Good thing, because this bag has a few flaws that the discount make forgivable. Nothing major, but they would bother me a lot more if I had paid the full price. For example, the zipper is a little stiff due to the fabric overlay that covers the zipper (like many backpacks). I was able to remedy this by adding the fuzzy zipper pull, I don't know why but it seems to help. Also, the straps aren't my favorite, a little stiff, but they are growing on me. They also can be changed so the bag fits like a cross body or shoulder bag which is a fun feature. But where the bag really shines is its aesthetics, the red leather is absolutely stunning, and the leather smells sooo good., I can't help but whiff it deeply every time I take it out!
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    The classic. My dark cipria (mauve pink) Gucci soho disco. To be honest this bag isn't my favorite due to the lack of outside pockets, but damn is it pretty. I love pairing it with all black or other mauves. This bag is such a classic luxury staple, it makes up for its lack of bells and whistles. I keep it stuffed religiously, but you can tell this puppy is on its way to sag town eventually.
  7. Another on sale grab from the luxury outlets in Cabazon, CA. This is the Saint Laurent brown suede fringed monogram tablet bag. The Saint Laurent flat tablet style bags fit a surprising amount, and I find this bag is so fun yet still matches a lot of outfits. Not much to say about this bag other than..Saint Laurent monogram bag for under 400? Me thinks me can't resist!
  8. Love your collection! Gucci disco twins!

    This inspires me and make me want to post my own collection and the same, its not a big collection.
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  9. Thanks babe!! Yes! Post those beautiful babies, can’t wait to see!
  10. Lovely collection- thanks for sharing pics! I am bag sisters with you on the Soho Disco, mine is black.
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  11. Yay!! I love seeing all the variety in your collection....very cool!! That green Prada color is AMAZING:heart::loveeyes:!! So is your red. My fave would prob be the black YSL or mini Gucci...very chic & timeless. Congrats on your beautiful bags & i also love how you have them organized / displayed. :tup::love::drinks::heart::flowers:
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  12. Thanks pumpkin! The green Prada is so stunning in person, never thought I would like a nylon bag this much! Got to love the classics, they really make a good cornerstone for a collection, and they do get the most stares and compliments where I take them out! And thanks for the organization shoutout, I wanted something where I could see them daily and appreciate their beauty instead of just hiding them away in their bags. AND YESS! variety is huge for me, these bags are so pricey, I promised myself when I started collecting that I would never buy two bags that have the same color scheme and would have to compete with each other to go with the same outfit. It has worked out really well for me so far, and it lets me appreciate/wear all my bags evenly!
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  13. that mauve pink is one of my favourite colours for anything, esp love it in a bag! :smile: i love the ysl west hollywood! it is def on my ysl wishlist. how long have you had it and how has it held up?
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  14. Thanks pookie! The West Hollywood bag I’ve had for only about 4 months now. I’m not having any issues with anything yet, leather is pebbled and sturdy, hardware still flawless. I’ll update and review the bags durability and wear/tear after a year for sure!
  15. Lovely collection! I love the Nano Givenchy backpack! I wish that was available in red! I would love a blue color. :heart:
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