Mint Green YSLs ???

  1. I was walking by NM yesterday, and I didn't have time to check it out, but I spotted some beautiful mint green bags......they were TDF !!
    Anyone know what styles they will come in ??????? TIA !!
  2. The color is actually called Watermelon on their website. It is available in the tribute tote, downtown, muse, and the new capri bag. Also available in the belle d'jour small leather goods and clutch.
  3. There is one on the YSL website, its a Muse.....simply yummy !!!!!
  4. YSL houston has this color in quite a few pieces, including the Muse which is STU.NNING!

    Gold hardware is a bit played out for me, but that gold on the watermelon Muse is killer! It reminds me of a mermaid!
  5. I remember a while back Queen Mahra I think it was, had it in a downtown. GORGEOUS