Mint Condition Black Brynne, need some thoughts

  1. Do you think $385 is out of line for a mint condition black Brynne?:love:

    Its beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The condition of the leather is fantastic, there are no marks, no stains on the interior, and I am 100% certain of the authenticity.
  2. I think it is all depend on your budget. If for you, it is worth every penny, go for it.
  3. ^ Agreed. Personally, I feel it is too much in that I was able to buy an auburn one at $300 brand new on sale from NM. However, the black IS harder to find.

    It is really an issue of what you want and how much you feel you really "need" the bag. Also, if you have not tried it on IRL, think about that too. If you don't like it, that may be a bit of a steeper price to get a return back. You may have to take a loss if you eBay or consign.
  4. The black Brynne is a lot harder to find than the other colors. Oak and auburn were available at NM's for $297 in their sale, but there wasn't a black one to be found anywhere.

    $385 is not cheap, but it depends how much you want it and how soon. If you're willing to wait, it's possible one will come up on eBay cheaper, but there's no guarantee how long it will take to show up, also no telling what condition.

    Sometimes spending a little extra money for immediate results is worthwhile, but only you can decide whether it's worth it to you and whether you can afford it. I have it in auburn and it really is a lovely bag. The enjoyment you would get could be worth the extra dollars.
  5. I paid $416 for my black Brynne ages ago, pretty close to the top of what I'll spend on a bag. But, I really wanted it in black and it came all brand-new and wrapped up perfectly. I've used it a lot and will continue to use it for quite a long time I think. So, I guess I'm saying, yes, $385 would be worth it if you love the bag and will use it a long time.
  6. I paid 400$ for my black brynne plus shipping to Denmark and 30% customs duty, but for me it was well worth it:p
    It was brand new still with tags ect. I say go for it! It's an amazing bag and the black is hard to find