Mint color?

  1. I saw pictures of Mary Kate carrying a Mint-colored Balenciaga... but I haven't heard any of you talk about a mint color on here. Does this color exist or is it called something else? I loved it.
  2. I am thinking this may be the Seafoam color! Maybe someone else here has a picture of that one?
  3. I dont have a pic. but yes it is the seafoam. Its no longer made.
  4. That seafoam is very lovely!
  5. Thanks ETenebris! I love her, but if I ever sell I'll let you and amour know!
  6. i think you may be referring to the pistachio color (MKA have both... lucky b*tches) - which is a mint green color. Seafoam is a bit darker and more blue- like a dusty... well, seafoam!
  7. The seafoam is such a nice colour! Havent seen the pistachio, so I don't know what it looks like irl, but it sounds pretty too.
  8. ^^^ Agree - pistachio. I think Ashley has the seafoam (I hate those two! j/k).
  9. I also have the Seafoam in the Weekender (a picture of which is in my thread - CeeJay's Balenciaga Bags)