Mint Cerises pochette from Bucket from MPRS - $285!!!

  1. sorry, what do you mean it's the one from the bucket?
  2. The petit bucket comes with a little pochette inside usually. This is the cerises pochette that came with the cerises bucket. =)
  3. :nuts: Cute. Wonder if you can buy the chain from LV?
  4. Cute.
  5. I want a Cerises bucket soooooooooo bad!!! I guess I would be half way there?

  6. yup! you sure can...I just bought a chain and it cost $ has a clasp as both ends :yes:
  7. Ahh thank you ajamesgrly:flowers: Too bad I cannot afford anything now.:hysteric: I love love love your Croissant GM BTW :graucho:
  8. ALERT ALERT!!!!

    If you look in the auction the date code says it's made in 2006 am I losing my mind or am I reading this correctly?
  9. what a rip off!
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