*mint* 05 Indigo Work !!

  1. Oh My!! That is gorgeous!! I love blue bags!!
  2. That bag is insanely gorgeous! I looove the work size.
  3. Wow, that is gorgeous!
  4. I think this was the first season the work came out too... I know they didnt have them in f/w 04, because I remember wanting an anis work bag once and that I was told it didnt exist. :sad: pity! maybe for spring or summer there will be a yellow-green...
  5. i LOOOOOVe the indigo! but it looks a little like the TEAL colour there, no?
  6. I have this color in the day (hobo) It is gorgeous......my favorite balenciaga blue...
  7. I really wish I had access to a store so I could see how the work would look on me. There are some really beautiful ones on eBay right now! Does anyone know the approximate drop of the handles on a work??
  8. Luvshopping..there is Bob Ellis in Atlanta...are you close to there?
  9. I love the Work size too!!

    It's just the PERFECT size IMO - for all the nonsense I tend to lug around :P
  10. :drool: I'm drooling over my keyboard! It's so tempting.......I can just hear it calling my name :graucho:. The only thing that's pulling me back is the seller's not accepting Paypal from int'l bidders.....aaargh!
  11. OMG!!:nuts:

    It's GORGEOUS!!:yahoo::love:

    This is now in my top 5. Bye-bye Ink.
  12. Such a beauty!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    Shame already got a cornflower work :crybaby: :crybaby:
    Good luck everyone!!
  13. WOW ..... AMAZING work in a beautiful color :drool: :nuts: - GORGEOUS!!! Good luck everyone !

    Thank you so much for posting mocean :flowers:
  14. Yes, there is a Bob Ellis in Atlanta but I went by there the other day and found they only had two styles of the motorcycle bags and two colors. They had a newer bag, maybe the bowling, and the day bag. Both were in truffle and black. They had a few suede bags but I was SO dissappointed!!
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