"MINT" 05 Bordeaux Box 795BIN OBO

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. That is beautiful!
  2. OMG this is lovely!!! and the price is totally great!!! what a deal!!!:drool:
  3. love this bag. i have one and the price is so good i'm tempted to bid! lol
  4. Is this a PFer...? I kind of remember someone getting it in this style from Craigslist...the color is better than I remember!
  5. I would have to agree......this is a beautiful bag
  6. I really, REALLY am tempted with this. I've been looking for something red... or, berry... :confused1:
  7. I don't think it's the same one from Craigslist. This one is a much richer color. Someone grab it quick!!!
  8. Gorgeous bag at incredible price!! If i didn't just get the bordeaux twiggy, this baby would be mine!!
  9. oh... i want this....
    do the handles seem kinda dark for you girls? i cant tell...
    this darn monitor.....
  10. The handles don't look dark to me.
  11. I love it... !! :heart: :drool: and the price :yes: :rochard:
  12. Great colour! The box is a nice style as well.
  13. Ack, I waited too late. I woke up this morning to bid and it's gone. Did a lovely PFer get it?
  14. I want to CRY.
    I missed a bordeaux box a few months back and have been kicking myself ever since.
    Normally I'm on eBay until all hours of the morning but last night I went to bed SICK!!!
    What a STEAL of a price too!!

    Hope if was someone here!
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