Minor imperfection or is this normal?

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  1. I just got the medium Chanel Classic flap in black with S/H. It's perfect except for one thing.... a loose leather piece on the strap. Is this normal? Do you flap owners have the same? Should I exchange for another one? It's kind of bothering me because this is my first Chanel, I'm only 21 and I had to work pretty hard for it...


  2. OMG!!! That's NOT normal! Get it sent back!!! It should be perfect considering how much they cost these days
  3. LOL i know, i am sooo sad about it! i try to push the loose piece down and it keeps coming back up:sad:
  4. OMG!! EEEEK!! That looks horrible! :sad:
    If you bought it at a Chanel store, I definetly think you should take it back. For the amount of money you paif for the bag, it should be PERFECT!
    Good luck hun!
  5. Thanks for the advice..!

    yess i did get it from a Chanel boutique in Tysons Corner, VA. They did a charge send though, because I live in Maryland. I'm willing to make the drive to get another one... i'm so in love and can't wait to carry my Chanel. blah... Like I said, EVERYTHING is perfect except for this stupid third flap on my classic... :sad:
  6. Arggh!! Quality's going down! Take it back! You want to look at the bag and love it, and not have to think of that flaw.
  7. send it back, babe. surely they can and shld exchange one for u ....cheer up, k? :smile:
  8. omg, you have got to send that back, it's unacceptable! tell your SA how upset and disappointed you're with the quality and make sure you give it a thorough check this time round!

  9. That definitely does not look normal!

    I would think that you could call the boutique and have THEM arrange for pick-up of the defective item, rather than drive yourself out there.
  10. At these prices and with this much devotion, it has to be perfect for me - I would definitely take this back to Chanel for remediation or replacement if that isn't possible. Never 'settle'.
  11. change it this is not perfect.
  12. Call the store about it and when you have the time to stop by the chanel let them repair it. But at least let them know ASAP about it... they'll probably offer you a good solution. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  13. You worked hard to have the bag, so you should have a perfect bag; and like everyone else said and for what I observed it doesn't look right. Take it back they'll exchange it..... I can't believe they didn't notice that at the store when they were wrapping the bag....good luck
  14. What is with Chanel quality control these days, I know these bags are suposed to be handmade but is their production department doing the job in their sleep!:sleepy::sleepy:. Take it back and exchange it, you first Chanel should be perfect!

  15. ITA!!! its ridiculous, all these stories about chanel breaking apart, loose stitching etc etc. Ugh. Definitely go and exchange it, for that price you're paying, u deserve nothing but perfection!