Minnie's Bags

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  1. This is my modest handbag collection. I want more more more with the help of this forum but I am picky as well. These are my handbags and I will keep you ladies updated when I receive more bags.(hopefully more often than not)
    DSC00310.jpg DSC00313.jpg DSC00318.jpg DSC00320.jpg DSC00315.jpg
  2. nice. love that paddy color!
  3. Great collection Minnie! Thank you for sharing!
  4. You have a very nice collection!! I like the variety!!! Thanks for posting pics!
  5. Very nice Minnie, I love the Chanel and the Burberry, great taste !!
  6. Sweet LV charms. And I like the red and black clutch!
  7. here are some more pictures.
    DSC00317.jpg DSC00321.jpg DSC00322.jpg DSC00324.jpg DSC00325.jpg
  8. some more.
    DSC00316.jpg DSC00327.jpg
  9. I just love love love !!! that Chanel clutch its to die for !!
  10. thank you soo much!! I love the chanel clutch to go out in the evening to dinner when I don't need to carry a lot. It looks great with black stilettos , very classy. Thank you pradasmeadow.
  11. Nice collection. I like Chanel and the Dior.
  12. Nice collection! I too like the Chanel clutch.
  13. love the houston & the white prada! nice bags.
  14. Great collection, thanks for sharing! You have a great variety of nice bags.
  15. thank you :smile: