Minnie Drivers Dress ??

  1. I can't see the pics!
  2. Uhhh......what the?!?!

    It looks like something a really bored mom in the '80s would make with some plastic rhinestones, a glue gun, and fabric paint!!!
  3. Looks like at one point in its life it was a cute jeweled dress, then some toddler's must have finger painted it.
  4. Don't like it.
  5. Looks like a tablecloth to me :roflmfao:
  6. Oh it obviously doesn't say a lot about my dress sense but I actually like it!

    I couldn't wear it myself (more because of big legs than anything else) but I think she looks good.

    I bet you're all wondering what the hell my wardrobe looks like now!!!!! Ha! Maybe I just need another cup of coffee!
  7. tiring for the eyes...
  8. Personally its not my taste, but i've seen a lot worse. . .
  9. I think its a great shape for her, it just reminds me slightly of one of my daughters early paintings, splashed all over it (she convinced me it was poppy fields, but i only saw red smudge ;) - ok im digressing now lol ).
  10. Theres a little too much going on with that dress, the busy fabric and the huge plastic looking rhinestones......but the shape of the dress is nice.
  11. The dress is not my cup of tea but I think she still manages to look good... could have been worse.
  12. The dress is ugly by itself...it also doesn't do anything for her figure...not so flattering.
  13. I have that dress. (kidding of course)