Minnie Driver sings?

  1. I heard a song on XM radio today and the title was called Beloved and the Artist was Minnie Driver. So I came home and checked iTunes and it looks like it IS Minnie Driver the actress:
  2. Argh... they keep playing it on XM: Hear Music. It is not good. And now it is on Music Choice....
  3. She was on The View yesterday. She was singing her song and my husband walked through the room and said, that girl sings? Just a random statement that made me crack up for some reason.
  4. I guess my kids have been listening to Top 20 on 20 when we're in the car otherwise I usually listen to HEAR. Sounds kind of country-ish to me.
  5. She's been singing for a long time. I like her!
  6. I didn't know she sings... haven't heard her songs either. I'll check it out tonight.
  7. yeah she also has a track in the Phantom of the Opera movie...its at the very end when the credits roll