Minnetonka Moccasins, how do they fit?

  1. I'm thinking of buying a pair of Minnetonka Moccasin for spring, but I will buy them on line and I don't know how they fit. Are they true to size? I wear a true 38 (italian size).
  2. I have Minnetonka ugg like boots and they run about a half size big for me.
  3. I see, well all ugg like boots are superposed to be comfy.

    No one has those moccasins?
  4. I have 'em and I l:heart:ve them. They fit like the best dream you ever had, and they are true to size. I would wear them every day if I wasn't such a fashionista. They are well priced and wonderful.
  5. I had three pairs and I wear a 38.5-39 EU size, and my pairs ranged from a US 7 (little snug but totally stretched), a US 7.5 (perfect), and a US
    8 (bit big). HTH!
  6. I have the peace mocs and bought them half a size small. They stretch to fit perfect.
  7. definitely buy them small. they stretch quite a bit...

    just a warning, I've gone through two pairs of these, they didn't hold up all that well for me (they looked cute while they did though). I am somewhat hard on shoes, but these really did not wear well at all
  8. TTS. I had a pair but the bottom wore down quickkkk
  9. Most comfy shoe ever made! I have my regular shoe size, I think I could have gone down half a size because they do stretch a bit. But I'm happy with them a little loose! And I can wear them with slipper socks when it's freezing.
  10. haha well mocassins are in fashion this spring so don't be afraid to wear them.

    I who swore I would never buy any ended up buying one in black and one in camel. They are soo comfy! I was happy to see that a lot of brands were doing mocassins this spring:yahoo: I will be fashionable and comfy lol;)
  11. I was looking for loafers, but decided to go for moccasins I'm in need of something comfy! Yes very well priced indeed!

    My American size would be 7.5, and I have a wide set of toes, so I will go for this!
    Thanks for the warning, I don't really mind, I plan on wearing them down anyway! as long as they are soft!
    I don't dare to size down, my feet are wide.

    how quick if you don't mind?

    I think so too, they will be all the rage this spring, I think we are heading to a "back to basics" season. I'm getting the camel ones!;)

    Thank you all for the wonderful info!:smile:
  12. I thought they ran small - but I don't like my shoes tight or pinching at all.
  13. Good to know. 7 it is then. Thanks for the advice ladies!