Minnesota and Hawaii Birkin help needed

  1. I live in Minnesota--land of 10,000 lakes and no Hermes. I have never seen a birkin in real life. I have the OK from dh to buy a birkin--woo hoo!! I've considered buying one online from different reputable sellers, but I don't know what clemence feels like compared to togo, 35 vs. 30cm and so on.

    So--first question. Is there anyone in MN that is open and trusting enough to show me a birkin? I work in Mpls. and live in St. Paul and would be willing to meet anywhere.

    Second question--I'm going to Hawaii in May and have read that they often (relative to other stores) have birkins there. Any truth to this? And, if they did have one, would I need to know the super secret password to get one?

    Thanks so much!
  2. There are some great ref threads here for you to get a very good idea whats what...I live in europe so no help there !good luck with your search..
  3. There are two stores in Honolulu (a third is a duty-free shop that you can't get into unless you're flying in from overseas). They have very friendly service at both stores. You can call ahead and let them know you're coming. Might help?!!
  4. yeah I would take a look at the ref thread and when yoiu are in hawaii look at the leather books at least and see them in person.
  5. You have a good chance in Hawaii. They aren't allowed to do any sort of waitlists and everything is on the floor or will be shown to you in the back. You just have to go often and have a little luck!
  6. I live in MN and also work in MPLS and would be willing to show you my bags. I have a chevre rouge vif birkin....and a clemence white birkin....and a couple of kelly's too.

    I agree though that MN can be depressing with the lack of birkins.

    write me anytime!
  7. ^^^ That's so nice! Seeing IRL does make a huge difference. BUT, I agree you should read as much of this forum as you can before you go. There's so much information and you will have a much better sense of what you might like.
  8. Everything ing the Hawaii store is put out at time its delivered. I saw brown Birkin when I went @ the beginning of February. It was there for 1 day and either they put it in the back or someone bought it. But that was the first and only time I've ever been in a H boutique that had one on the shelf but I believe the Kalakaua street boutique has more inventory than the Ala Moana location.
    Unless you are a non citizen and traveliing from outside of the US you can't go to the DFS Gallery 5th floor, you need a boarding pass to get through and they are very stringent about it.

    I tried to sweet talk my way in but she had none of it...
  9. I read their website and it says that any purchases you make will be held and then given to you at the airport as you board your plane flying home! Good grief - how do you get around that?! My SO and I really tried to get in and see all the goods too, but no luck. Now I know it wouldn't have mattered.

  10. You can make a fake boarding pass to look at stuff but then you can't buy anything 'cause then they would deliver it to that plane.
  11. I live in MN. Sadly, I can't show you my Birkin because I'm waitlisted for it. However, I can give you my SA's number at Neimans (if you want) because he was the one who waitlisted me for my Birkin and Kelly.

    So PM if you want the info ;)

    Other than that, good luck getting your Hermes birkin!