Minneapolis TPFers! Need spa/restaurant recommendations

  1. I'm turning the big 3-0 this year and my boyfriend wants to send me to a spa - I've never really been to any in the Minneapolis area and was wondering if any of you have any recommendations and/or treatment suggestions.

    I also need to find a fun place for dinner with friends (we're pretty laid back, and like stylish places - usually end up at 112 Eatery or Azia).

    Thank you!
  2. glad someone asked this!! i almost did the other day. me and some friends are planning on going up there in march and doing a spa day so i would like to recommendations as well.

    sorry to the OP that i don't have any recommendations except i have a few that i've found that seem pretty good (per their website)

    www.thecallalilly.com - The Calla Lilly in Afton (i have no idea how far that is from the cities but i think their website said it's a 20 min drive.)
    www.therefineryonline.com - The Refinery in Minneapolis
    www.jewelspa.com - Jewel Spa in Mineapolis

    has anyone been to any of these?
  3. As for restaurants, Ichiban is good for Japanese food. My friends and I went to there last night and it was amazing!