MINNEAPOLIS MEET!...let's do it!

  1. Either i'm widely unpopular or people didn't see it before?

    I would like to organize a meet in MN. I was thinking a meal in the neighborhood and then a trip to the Macy's LV!

    Anyone interested please let me know and we'll all try and figure out the best date and time!

    I'm excited!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Lol..i Got Moved! :smile:
  3. When did Macy's get LV? I thought LV was at MF's?
  4. sorry -- I see tha MF is now Macy's. I haven't been to MSP in a while.
  5. there's going to be a PF meet on April 21st... there is a sticky in the general discussion section. the meet will take place at MoA, stop by stores like Nordstrom (Chanel, Burberry, Chloe, MJ, etc.), Bloomingdale's, Coach boutique... and whatever other stores anyone else wants to visit. And then we're taking the light rail downtown (Neiman's, Off 5th, and Macy's LV)... I think we're grabbing a bite to eat somewhere at the MoA. it looks like quite a few people will be attending, so check out that thread also!
  6. I'm up for an LV only meet downtown (though I may also attend the general one....).
  7. i never read about mtgs until now so I had no clue! I would love to attend the moa meet but that day is my Grandparent's Anniversary party so it's a no-go

    i'm still for the downtown only meet though! start giving me some dates people! :yahoo:
  8. We could do another one somtime in may? Maybe it could be a monthly or bi monthly thing since our community is smaller and doesn't take quite as much plaaning as say CA or TX.

    ***BTW There is a meet on April 21 at noon in the routunda of MOA. Check general discussion.