Minneapolis/Mall of America PF Meeting!!!

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  1. Yikes!!!
  2. argh.. i wanna go -_- i was there early Feb., no more trips until June ---
  3. Katie, I think the light rail is an awesome idea. A few hours at MOA then head into town for more shopping, be it window shopping or not. A trip on the rail is always a better idea than paying for parking, finding parking and navigating out of the city.
  4. Yea, I agree. I don't really mind driving downtown and whatnot... but I'm a pretty hardcore suburb girl and driving downtown tends to overwhelm me. LOL! And hey, the light rail trip is a good time for some casual conversation and everyone would be able to be together rather than trying to play follow the leader up the freeway.
  5. ^ i agree with you ladies. the light rail is a great option instead of driving, and finding/paying for parking downtown.

    i recently found out a friend of mine is coming back into town the day of the meet-up... so, i should be able to make it to the MOA for an hour or two, but may have to pass on the trip downtown. we'll see, though... i'm optimistic about making it.
  6. I was thinking a trip downtown would be fun. So I'm glad someone else suggested it. I've ridden the light rail from Downtown to MOA and it's a pleasant trip and easy way to get there. More chance to bond! I'm totally in!
  7. Awesome!!! :yahoo:
  8. Thanks for PM'ing me about this tloveshim. If I'm not out of town (hard to know ahead of time with work), I'll stop by.
  9. ^^ Cool! Hope you can make it! I'm so excited!! When times gets closer I'll repost all the details so we can double check them and make sure we're all on the same page.

    I think I'm going to hit the Coach outlet before heading on to the MOA. How far is it from the outlet to the mall? I want to try to time it right so I get to the mall by noon. At least I'm hoping I can do it!!

    Just 6 weeks to go!! :yahoo:
  10. I live a mear 20 miles from the Mall of America...I'd LOVE to meet some of my fellow PF'ers! I'm in:yes:
  11. The Coach outlet is in Albertville. It's probably about a 45-50 minute drive from there to the MOA.
  12. never-enough-LV: Glad you can come! This will be so fun! And I love that: "10,000 lakes and only ONE LV SHOP" LOL! I think South Dakota has 0!

    mnshopgirl32: Thanks! I will plan on a quick stop in at the outlet before going on to the mall then!

    6 weeks seems like such a long time right now!!
  13. I'm so in. AHHHHH! We should meet at MOA and then take the lite rail to downtown to LV, Saks and Neimans. WEEE!
  14. Hey, louislovesfendi818! Welcome aboard! I think I've counted between 12-14 of us meeting up (a couple are not sure of schedules yet)! Should be a blast!
  15. Alrighty, so that those who have a little bit of a drive (such as my 4 hours!) I'd like to have a bit of a schedule... I've heard from one gal that says about 3 hours is a good amount of time to see what we want in the MOA then move on to DT. Anyone who wants to skip DT and stay at the mall of course is welcome to. So:

    12:00 meet at Cali Cafe by Macy's for lunch
    12:30 hit the mall!!
    12:30-3:30ish shop, shop, shop!! (It is required that I hit Coach and Sephora... other suggestions are welcome! LOL!)
    3:30-4:00ish light rail to DT
    4:00-??? shop til we drop again! LV, Saks, NM!

    OK, so here I'm wondering how long do we need for shopping downtown? I have to drive home or maybe I'll stay overnight and head back home the next day. Is my schedule looking right? Any suggestions for how much time is needed downtown? Nothing has to be set in stone but a general idea is helpful so we all know what to expect. Thanks gals!
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