Minneapolis/Mall of America PF Meeting!!!

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  1. I wish I didn't have to go in, but I work for the university and since the kids live on campus, the staff have to find a way in! :push: I wish I could be home!
  2. Plans so far sound good to me!

    California Cafe...love that place! Noon sounds good!

    Just a thought because I am a tiny bit of a trouble maker :rolleyes:

    If we had time maybe we could hit downtown and do the LV boutique in Macy's and Neimans to check out Prada and Gucci.... just thinkin out loud.... ;)
  3. Oh, Jewelqueen! I like your thinking! I'd have to ride with someone if we did do that because I do not know my way around there at all or is there public transportation that's good to use? Sorry, I am totally clueless about Minneapolis! If there are others that are game then that sounds like it could be fun! Depends on timing too! What's everyone's opinions?
  4. I'm always up for a good shopping trip:party: I can always get downtown, but finding my way out of there is another story. (I even worked downtown for a couple of years:shame:smile:

    I am sitting here watching the blizzard outside. School has been canceled for the kids and the snow just keeps falling:shocked: Hope everyone stays warm and safe these next couple of days.
  5. We'll see how many people want to go downtown that day and how many cars we have and then we can ride together down there.

    Downtown is very close and I know the city very well so it will be no problem getting in and out.

    :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I'm sitting here watching the snow get higher and and higher outside. All of our activities for the rest of the day have been cancelled so I'm doing a little "cyber window shopping" :drool: and checking out all the spring fashions I can't wait to wear.
  6. Actually the light rail goes from the MOA to Nicollet Mall. Oh, and by the way... I'm in! I usually spend a lot of time on the Coach part of the forum so I didn't even see this sticky! But yea... Light Rail stops right at Nicollet Mall and it's about a 25 minute ride from mall to mall!

    I believe it's about $2.50 or so for a 2 or 3 hour pass.
  7. ^ i've taken the light rail many times, and from my experience, it takes closer to 40 min. from MOA to downtown. they make a lot of stops along the way. i think the map estimates how long it takes from station to station.

    check out the official metro transit website for info: Metro Transit
  8. Wow, it's never taken me that long *shrug* I suppose it depends on how many people are going on/off. I've never been on it when there have been many people so that could be a factor.
  9. Someone may have to time the trip for us! Good excuse to go shopping again! LOL!

    OK, OT but how are all you northern plains gals? We are buried in snow. We moved up here from South Carolina 2 years ago and this is quite a sight to see! I grew up in Illinois though so am used to snow. But there is a 3' high drift outside my front door. Yep, right outside the door! I wanted to go out and check on my dogs but couldn't. I know they're OK, we got their kennel blizzard ready today but still I worry. And we have 4 ponies that I feel sorry for but again, they have their barn and can get in there to be safe. Anyway, hope you all are staying safe and warm. What a way for March to begin! Our highways are closed now too. ICK! Thank goodness I have the PF! Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow! Guess I should read my book "The Pursuit of Happyness"! Have a safe evening.
  10. 25 minutes or 40 minutes, I personally would waaay rather take light rail than have to drive into downtown. On a saturday the driving wouldn't be too bad, but as terrible as it sounds I'd rather be leaving my car at the MOA. Lol

    This snow sucks! Lol! I'm supposed to work tomorrow morning at 8:30 and it's a 25-30 minute drive for me but with this snow I'm a little hesitant. Staying inside like this though... I can really feel the cabin fever settling in.
  11. Well Ladies, I just spent the last 1 1/2 hours snow blowing my driveway and front porch (to allow for the fed ex guy to deliver :shame: my recent purchases) I moved here in 1995 and I have never seen SO much snow in all the 12 years:shocked: of living here. This is the second day school has been closed and they even closed the MOA and the Southdale mall.:crybaby: I am sure it will melt quickly, as it is so mild out and
    I live on Prior Lake and the water level was really low, so this should help the level for Spring & Summer.:yahoo:

    Stay warm & safe...
  12. Yes, stay safe and warm everyone! We are buried in. We can't get to our ponies to hay them today. Poor things. We have to have a farmer come dig us out, our plow is of no use. I know this is OT but here's a couple of pics from our front door! And unbelievable that even the MOA is closed! What a bummer! Wonder how many times they've had to do that in the past? Yes, spring is coming..... I'll keep telling myself that! :crybaby:
    march 2007 001 (Small).jpg march 2007 002 (Small).jpg
  13. I had a hard getting out to my poor little bunny this morning. I was wading through a snow drift almost to my hip, and I am 5'10" with long legs so that drift was deep. We have a husky who loves the snow, of course, but he is so funny to watch because he gets so frustrated trying to jump through the snow, that eventually he gives up and just lays in it. We haven't gotten so much snow since I was a little kid. Unless of course you count the big Halloween storm of 1991!

    (Sorry I got off topic too.)
  14. ^^ Thank goodness this is March and not October! Whew!
  15. I had a friend that lived on Prior Lake last summer and the water was really, really low! Luckily we could use the pool! LOL!
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