Minneapolis/Mall of America PF Meeting!!!

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  1. April 21st sounds great... I'll try to keep the date open. I'm almost certain I can make it. I'm really looking forward to meeting fellow pf'ers!

    Nordstrom (recently added Chanel, Burberry) and Bloomie's has a decent handbag selection... and there's also a Coach boutique at the MOA. I worked at a few different places at that mall when I was in high school/college, so I know my way around pretty well. We won't get lost in the big mall!
  2. As of right now... I work that weekend. I would love to come to meet and shop though... so I'll see what I can do. Great idea to convene at the MOA!
  3. ^^ Oh, hope you can at least find a few hours to meet up! Let's just hope it works out!

    It'll be great too to have gals on hand who know their way around! Me, I'll be all about handbags but I'm sure others will want to see other things too!
  4. I live in Minneapolis!!! I'm in!! :yes:
  5. ^^ Yeah!! That makes about 7, maybe 8, so far! (I'm hoping that koobalover can get the time off!)

    I am really looking forward to this especially with this latest awful weather we've been having! ICK! COME ON, SPRING! Get here already!
  6. What time were we thinking of getting together? I contacted a fellow pf who lives here in the Twin Cities, but has been really busy lately. She would like to attend too, but wanted to block off the time in her schedule. This is going to be SO fun. Thanks for organizing this:flowers: Stay warm, these next few days are going to be a bear.
  7. I have about a 4 hour drive but can leave early enough to meet in the morning. I wouldn't mind 10:00 am but that's just me! LOL! Everyone give a time that is most convenient for you and we'll settle on something based on that. Is that OK? And even if some meet earlier and a few join in later, that's OK too. So, speak up gals! What time?

    Oh, yeah and speaking of weather.... it's hitting us now as I type. Winds are gusting up to 30mph and snow is really coming down. Time to get out the hot cocoa and turn on the style channel!
  8. I live 15 minutes from the MOA, so I can be there whenever! I am thinking maybe we should meet up around noon and plan on having lunch, then moving on to the important activities! The California Café on the 3rd floor, right outside of Macy's is a great place to eat and they have the outside seating where we can be as loud and crazy as we would like. Just a suggestion....
    The wind has picked up here, but they are saying a foot or more of snow by tomorrow night:yucky: . I actually don't mind the snow or cold, but I hate shoveling our driveway. We live on a peninsula and have a driveway long enough to park 6 semi's down and 3 wide. The snow blows from all sides and just when I get one section done, the snow blows a different direction and covers what I've just completed.:cry:
  9. Sounds great! Apirl 21st is right before my birthday! MY DH will think I am nuts! I know that mall like the back of my hand. Cali Cafe would be great! Best time for me would be in the afternoon, meet for lunch and shop a bit. :yahoo: :wlae: :party: :drinkup: :drinks:
  10. Ooh! Can I come? I live in Grand Forks, ND, but would love to meet any tPF gals. I make the trip to the Twin Cities when I can, so I can see about taking some time off work to visit!
  11. ^^ Absolutely! I'm a South Dakota girl! Anyone who wants to drive or even fly in is more than welcome! Should be a really fun day!

    Is anyone opposed to meeting at noon then? We'll get lunch as suggested and then shop 'til we drop! And the California Cafe is fine with me, if everyone else agrees! Sounds like it's in a good location! LOL!
  12. This is so Cool:drinkup: :party: :drinkup:
  13. Noonish is fine with me. I look forward to meeting you all.
  14. And please, please ladies if anyone objects to the time or where we have lunch or whatever, feel free to speak up! Or if you are more comfortable, just send me a PM! I don't want to be guilty of taking charge and stepping on any toes!

    So presently the plans are:
    Who: Any PF gal who wants to join us! (or guy, but he better love handbags!)
    Where: Mall of America California Cafe 3rd floor by Macy's
    When: April 21st Noon
    What: Shop, shop, shop! And have lots of fun and meet new friends!
    Why: Because every purse loving woman needs to meet other purse loving women!

    Sound good?? I'm so dang excited I can hardly stand it! This snow is horrible! We are 85 miles south of Fargo along highway 29 and it is pretty much 0 visibility! The wind is howling and drifts are piling up! I think we'll have to call someone to dig us out as our driveway is drifted over. We have a plow on our truck but it's too much for even it to handle. Thinking about this meeting makes it way more tolerable! I love the PF!! :yahoo:
  15. I am 3 hours away from the MOA and will actually be there that day! :yes: Would love to come! (I have a conference in Bloomington the day before and usually try to make a weekend out of it so I can shop.)

    On the weather: I am just south of the IA/MN border and we're sitting here waiting for a blizzard to hit. I usually love any kind of storm except if there is ice and wind together -- and that's what we have right now. About 1/4" of ice coating everything and the power lines are "galloping" and knocking power out. :push: Most schools got out around noonish today and if it hits the way it's predicted, they might be out Thursday and Friday, too. And since I work at a school - me, too! :p
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