Minkoff Nikki Leather

  1. Hi again! I really need to know about the quality of leather on the Nikki Hobo. Like I stated before, mine is extremely thin and not rich looking. It also does not have a rich leather smell. Does anyone have a Nikki that can help me with this? I am freaking-out as I bought it off eBay from a reputable seller for $480.00. HELP!!:hysteric:
  2. Like all RM bags, the leather quality varies from bag to bag. My purple Nikki has thick, smooshy, pebbly leather, while my blue Nikki has smoother leather that is still thick. However, my gray MAM has thinner leather, and my eggplant MAM has stiffer leather. The best bet is to find another bag in the specific color and compare. Which color did you get?
  3. Black! It just smells awful! It does not have a leather smell. Is that normal?
  4. My tip would be to condition it with a nice smelling leather moisturizer/conditioner. I have the Nikki in Chocolate and it does not really have a rich leather smell either, but also is not offensive. Hugs!
  5. Leather should NOT have a horrible smell.

    That being said, I don't think RM bags have been around long enough to begin a fake rampage, but anything is possible.

    I remember someone here stating that they received a bag with a horrible smell.....I don't remember which brand.....I'm hoping it's not the bag you bought as most of us advised her to return it.

    let me do a search.
  6. Hi, all RM leathers differ in terms of finish. Some are pebbly, some are glazed, some are rich and velvety to the touch, others are smooth. Regardless, every RM bag I have come across has been constructed of beautiful high quality leather. The leather IMO, is actually one of the biggest, if not the biggest selling point.

    Perhaps you are comparing another RM bag you came across in the past with the one you own now? With the new Spring line, there are new details, and new leathers.
  7. Yes I know every bag is different, but I really think that this particular "leather" is gross. I am quite sure it is real, as the seller really defended her product and reputation. Her feedback is 100% since 1999, and all of her other bags look really great. I really think that the resort collection must not have the greatest leather on the Nikki. I have owned Balenciagas, Gucci, Prada, Kooba, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, etc., and I have never come across such poor leather quality. It truly is as thin as paper and artificial smelling - weird! Oh well. Hopefully I can return it for another bag or she will refund my money. Thanks all!
  8. I have a few mini nikki bags. The chocolate and blue have a smoother, thinner leather finish. The purple is a thicker pebbly leather. All have a faint leather smell. My mam's also different leathers. So far, we have not heard of fake RM on this forum, least of all a mini nikki.

    What color is your Nikki? Funkylala has good detailed pictures of the nikki handbag. I also remember some people experiencing bad leather smells with "Kooba" brand which we know has been knocked off.
  9. Good to know, but my bag is not Mini Nikki. It is a regular sized Nikki.
  10. Oh by the way the bag is black.
  11. I have one of the new studded MA's in black with gold hardware. The leather is thinner than on my gray Nikki & eggplant MAM, but it certainly doesn't smell bad.

    Maybe your bag was a "workshop reject" of some sort and that's how the seller got a hold of it? I hope she refunds you since you arent satisfied.
  12. Ranirob WEHT your black Nikki? Did you return it?
  13. Sorry to hear about your bag! I have a purple mini-Nikki and the leather is thick and pebbly.

    I purchased a Chloe Silverado Python on eBay not too long ago and it reeked of cigarette smoke. It was so horrible I had to put it in the cold garage to get it out of the house. I stuffed it with a potpurri package, dryer sheets and a couple of FRIDGE-IT activated carbon purple cubes for about 4 weeks (no kidding!) Finally, the smell was eliminated.

    If you can not return your bag you want to try to find the FRIDGE-IT cubes. I bought mine at Linens and More. I think Bed, Bath and Beyond carries them as well.

    Best of luck! And let us know how it goes.