Minkoff Morning After Bag Sales?

  1. I've been keeping an eye on the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bags but I haven't seen any on a sale of any kind. Has anyone spotted one on a special anywhere? Thanks.
  2. The only one i know of was at Anthropologie for $99
  3. seriously? that would be a crazy good deal.....was it in store or online?
  4. ^^ same question!!
  5. i know a girl on another forum who called around to nearly every anthropologie and got the last one for $99 - it was the blue and brown woven one. it's beautiful!!!
  6. ^ omg, i can't believe that, grechen:crybaby: ....i'm SO bummed! that blue/brown one is just stunning...and seriously, that is such a deal! well, congrats to her....wow.
  7. Wow you guys are just amazing. Thank you :yes:
  8. 99 is a pretty damn good deal!
  9. Does Antropologie carry authentic band name bags? When I check their website, I can recognize the bags that they carry; however, they're not associated with any maker. Seems odd to me.
  10. yes, they're definitely auth. anthropologie just never makes a big deal about the designers they carry. i think they want customers to think of anthropologie as the 'brand,' not rebecca minkoff or christopher deane or rafe or whoever....just my theory.
  11. i found this website through another fellow PF and the store is selling the MA in blue with brown for only $475. pretty good deal!

  12. also, check fatwallet.com - I saw 25% or 30% off W Hotels code recently