minkoff affair (bag).. anyone having one?

  1. I think both are beautiful! But if it were me I'd go w/the affair because I prefer that style over the MAC. MACs to me are just to small and sometimes too hard to get in and out of. Good luck deciding! I think you should just follow your instinct.
  2. Does anyone know if the studded affair has the key fob?
  3. OMG, WHERE CAN I FIND A PLUM with RG Hardware Affair? I just woke up to the Affair Craze and don't know where to start looking, I'm SO in love with Rosegold HW.... Help?
  4. Your best bet is eBay or bonanza since it came out at the end of 2011.
  5. Call Nordstrom Rack in Indianapolis, I saw one there yesterday (dark purple studded with rose gold hardware). They had several other RM bags, wallets, and pouches with rose gold as well.
  6. How much are the Affair's at NR?

  7. Haha, I hate when that happens, that's how I feel about Chanel nail polish and Rebecca Minkoff bags in general... her old school bags from 2010 and earlier are amazing.
  8. I did it!! I took the plunge and ordered the Raspberry Affair, from 6pm.com!! It arrived yesterday and I love it! It was on sale for ONLY $217! I'll post pics later today.
    Just had to share!:party:
  9. Ooooooooh.... loving Rebecca's studded Taupe Affair! :love: Uh oh, I must have one...

  10. I LOVE the Affair. I now have three.:blush:
  11. I absolutely freakin luuuuvvvvv my Burgundy Affair!!!!!!!
  12. I LOVE my lavender affair!!!
  13. RM's bag is lovely!
  14. Gorgeous!!

    I can't wait to get an affair bag :smile: