minkoff affair (bag).. anyone having one?

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  1. i haven't been really wanting a bag like this one in a long time - i love it! i've only seen that one, frontal photo of it, though, and can't/won't jump until i see the interior and the back.

    anyone else interested?
  2. It's alright. Nothing spectacular, although the quilting is unique.
  3. I like what I see so far. When you get more pics, can you share?

    Does anyone know the dimensions?
  4. ugh I really want this! Very Chanel-esque with the chain strap.... I may wait though to see if there will be more colors in the Spring! Also wondering what the lining is...probably the black dashes??
  5. I just got the email and so far I absolutely LOVE it! I agree, I need to see the interior before I pull the trigger.
  6. ^lol same here!
    interior lining matters to me...i actually asked Codi but so far no word on what the interior will be

    i actually like the Affair bag. it looks simple yet elegant--which i like. but i'm not sure if i want it in black or wait til RM comes out w/ newer colors.

    **she posted a pic on facebook where the Affair was in like a light grey color as well
  7. i like it a lot, but i think i'll wait to see other colors, since i have the bqp mac already.
  8. I think it is very elegant. Looking forward to seeing the interior and if it will come in other colors.
  9. I agree with the majority, I like it, but am waiting in hopes of some other color combinations!
  10. I like it but at that price point i think it is small. rather it's an odd shape 10'H x 7.5'W?????? That is on Think of a kerry bag being 10 inches tall?
  11. okay so I went to look for the the gray one and here it is:
    It looks taupish metallic but i love it and the think the dimesion on RM's website are wrong it must be 7H x 10W
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I don't know what to think of the BOYY/ BALENCIAGA inspired bag or some of the others but the affair is perfect
  14. This red one here