MINKIE Chat thread... Let's chat!! (3)

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  1. Ooh, interesting!
  2. Has anyone bought the RM wallet on a chain yet? I'm thinking of getting one. I like big wallets/clutches!
  3. did anyone manage to score anything from the isaay sale?!??!?!! by the time i found out about it, everything except the luscious hobos and snake print buckle clutch & fling were all sold out!! CAN'T BELIEVE THEY HAD SPRING 2012 RM BAGS FOR 60%!!!!!!!! THERE WAS THE ORANGE OSTRICH CUPID FOR $210!!!!! mini macs for $78, swing for $138 and MAMs for $198!!!! :faint::faint::faint::faint:
  4. No! I missed it. I tried to snag the luggage MAM because it didn't say sold out, but it wouldn't go in my cart. Oh well.
  5. Yikes! I didn't even know this was going on! I think my DH and my wallet are both absolutely thrilled that I missed the boat on this one, though. :amuse: This would have been a Ban Killer, without a doubt.

    Did anyone grab anything? Hope someone got one of these amazing deals!!!
  6. So, ladies....whazzup??? It's been a virtual ghost town in the chat thread lately. :tumbleweed:

    I'm at work right now, and it's one of those days where I have so much to do that I don't know where to start, so I fart around on tPF for awhile in an attempt to postpone the inevitable. :p
  7. haha you sound just like me!!! I do the same thing. Tons to do, but I am a procrastinator who seems to do better under pressure. :p
  8. I think I've been cured. I just had my computer give me the dreaded memory dump blue screen and it's now dead. Waiting for IT to set up a loaner for me while they try to repair my machine. I may never use the Internet at work again!! I blame my DH - he called me asking about some band and a song in a commercial. I looked it up, went to play a YouTube video and BAM - blue screen. My DH's response? "Well, gotta go to a meeting. Talk to ya later. Love ya." Grrrrrr.

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  9. oh no!!! so it wont boot up anymore? yikes!!! good luck waiting for IT. hopefully they dont keep you waiting all day.
  10. Yup. Dead as a doornail. It's Karma biting me in the butt for my procrastination. :p

    IT just brought me a loaner and are working on repairing my laptop now. They said it would take a few hours. Fingers crossed!!

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  11. Good luck with your computer troublers, eehlers! It's scary to think how dependent on computers, cell phones, etc we all are. Heck, I would feel naked if I forgot my cell at home. Sad but true.

    So, I keep thinking about if I should sell my LV NF in Azur. Yes, I just bought it a couple months ago. I really like it a lot, but it's a little bigger bag than I'm used to and I feel bad about how much I spent vs how much I will use it. :thinking:
  12. Computer update - the hard drive is fried. :crybaby: They are trying to see if they can salvage any of the data off of it, but they aren't optimistic. So, I'm still using the loaner computer today, and hope to have my laptop back with a fresh, new hard drive later this afternoon. Fortunately, I save most stuff to my network drive, but e-mail archives, address book, my songs from iTunes....likely all gone. And...major bummer...I had tons of bag pictures saved in a folder on my desk top. Oh no!!! Gone - all gone. :rain:

    sandc - I totally hear you on the LV...if it's something you don't think you'll use that much, then it may be worthwhile to consider re-homing her. Every time I consider taking the leap on a high-end bag, what usually goes through my head is, "think of how many OTHER bags you could buy with that same money!" :graucho: I have, and will, take the leap for premier designer styles I absolutely love (Marc Jacobs, Reed Krakoff), but I also know I'll use them lots to be well worth the investment.
  13. Serious bummer on the computer! I guess the silver lining is that you didn't lose everything. Still sucks though.

    Yeah, I have that Marc Jacobs single that I've only used once, but I know I will keep her. It's just too pretty not to keep even if I don't carry it all the time. But when it comes to the LV, I'm still up in the air. I'm not going to decide just yet because I don't want to regret it. I do like it a lot, but I don't know if it will be a forever kind of love for us. :biggrin:
  14. Not sure why, but the exact same thing goes through my mind every time as well!
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