Minkettes! Need your advice on Dyeing an RM...

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How should I dye my Antique White RM Mini Rikki??

  1. Use Tarrago Self-Shine Dye

  2. Use Fiebings Penetrating Dye

  3. Use Both Fiebings Pentrating Dye & Tarrago Self-Shine Dye

  4. Use another brand entirely

  5. Use a professional

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  1. I'm thinking about dyeing my RM Antique White Mini Rikki... :faint:


    After doing some research on tPF on dyeing leather bags, esp. RM's, I've decided to go ahead with it since I can't pull off an all white bag, but love the Mini Rikki style. I'm thinking of dyeing it a dark gray/FIG. I've spoken to a few other members of tPF and having been getting mixed reviews. :shrugs:

    Some say it's great and that Tarrago Self-Shine Dye is great, other say it'll flake off because it's not penetrating. Someone else suggested that I use Fiebings Penetrating dye, but that it's more of a matte finish.

    And yet others tell me not to do it myself at all, but have a professional do it.

    I have been considering having a professional do it, but it's going to cost more than $200 to do it, and I don't know if I'm willing to spend that much on it since I could probably just buy a new Mini Rikki for just a little more than that.

    So my question is this...do you think I could use the Fiebings Penetrating dye in dark gray first to prime my Antique White Mini Rikki first, and then use the Tarrago Self-Shine Dye in Dark Gray?? Would this dry the leather out? What do you think? I would really love your opinions! :yes:
  2. suggest you sell it and buy a color you like. Tarrago dyes do not really penetrate. It is really more like painting your bag. I tried the same thing on a white coach and it, IMO ruined the bag.
  3. I've been trying to sell it for the last 4 months, but no one wants it, so this is a last resort... :sad:
  4. Try the penetrating dye if there is a color you like, otherwise use tarrago. That leather ought to be easier to dye than others. If it actually flakes you can just touch it up.
  5. Maybe you could try Avelle or a consignment shop?
  6. I tried to dye an all white bag with tarrago and it just was too much work- you'd think white bags are easy to dye, but I had to apply multiple and multiple coats to just cover up the white patches. And Tarrago is not a penetrating dye- I do not have any experience with other ones. I'd be against dying a bag unless it is damaged. JMO-