Minka Kelly

  1. Wow!! So gorgeous and fresh faced.
  2. She is seriously stunning! Like super naturally beautiful...congrats to them both
  3. He's actually not all that attractive. She looks like a mix between model Yasmin le Bon and Kristin David from SATC.
  4. Well, at least they didn't get someone with loads of obvious plastic surgery.
  5. Such a pretty, pretty face! Love her natural look.

  6. I think she's so pretty but I've heard that she's a HUGE diva and she's been called out for being rude to Starbucks employees, airline hostesses, etc.

    Also fishy that Jessica Biel was also voted Esquire's sexiest woman when SHE was dating Derek. I agree with whoever said Derek might be behind this as well.

    She's had a lot of plastic surgery done...she looks like she got her chin and nose made smaller, and veneers/lumineers to fix teeth

    Here's some old pics of her back when she used to be blonde and date Donald Faison:
    faismin.jpg febuary10americanexpres.jpg
  7. ^^ :shocked: I can't believe thats the same person! Wow

    Here I thought she was a "natural" beauty. :rolleyes:
  8. Not really...he's a man ho and a cheater.
  9. Yikes!!! She looks totally different! It's like that show, The Swan!

    She like a little chocolate in her mix I see.

    I've heard of her name (when associated with Jeter), but I don't what she's 'acted' in?

  10. :shocked: Woah...that is the same person? And I agree, I never really heard of her until she started dating Jeter. I can't believe she could have the nerve to act like a diva. I mean regardless who you are you shouldn't act like one, but a Z list celeb, come on now.
  11. She was a regular in the show Friday Night Lights. Awesome show and she was good in it.
  12. Are they engaged? Maybe this should be just her thread.
  13. Oh lawdy as Swanky Mama would say! I think he should stay single because he seems to like the ladies..
  14. wow! definitely looks like she's had her chin done.