Minka Kelly

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  2. Pretty! (Who is she??)
  3. Wow, she is really gorgeous... wasn't she the girl that used to date John Mayer?
  4. I dont know who she is either, but she is pretty. I like her dress.
  5. love her! she looks so pretty here.
    she's on the Tv show Friday Night Lights.
  6. lucky gal
  7. didn't he just divorce? or am I thinking of someone else...
  8. He's never been married. I knew she was "in" when I saw a pic of her with his mom at the game. Congrats!
  9. What a cute couple!!!
  10. he's yummy! i also love that he's pretty low key considering how successful he is.
  11. Wasn't he somehow connected to mistress #1?
  12. I'll believe it when I see the photos
  13. I wonder if he'll be monogamous.
  14. ARoid just got divorced last year. Maybe you are thinking of him?
    I'm a bit surprised because he seems to really be enjoying the playboy lifestyle. Congrats to them, though.