Mink Spy bag


Oct 30, 2005
What are your thoughts on this one?

I would buy it and put it in a sealed glass container and sell tickets to purse-lovers for them to come in and just admire this beauty. :lol:
a bit OT, but are the spy bags a permanent collection, kinda like the 2.55 or the birkin/kelly? because i would love to have one some day, but there is no way i can afford it right now. any chances they will always be around?
I’m drooooling:nuts: , but I have thought about buying this bag so many times and all the same arguments you all sad been flying :wacko: around in my head.
Maybe I could have it in my bed :idea: when my husband is out on one of his travels, that would be lovely:love: . I don’t think I would miss him so much then:embarasse