Mink LV!

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  1. This seller also has some great Panda stuff. Mypoupette recommended as well :smile:
  2. wow... that's very expensive and not even cute IMO...
  3. Your dog is so cute Sanguar!
  4. I liked them on the runway but in reality not so much.
  5. Very cute, I'd like to snuggle up with it :biggrin:
  6. I think it looks cute but for me it would be an accident waiting to happen. And once it got anything at all on it, I would hate it:sick: V
  7. *sigh*
  8. That's the one bag I liked from the Fall/Winter 05 runway collection. But too pricey :Push:
  9. Way too pricey... but it is huggable!
  10. Nothing I would use.. Did you guys see the LV cat eye sunglasses in the sellers other items?? Soooo ugly!
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