Mink LV: i'm lost for words

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  1. lv-g86-01sm.jpg
  2. It looks like it could bite you!
  3. i dont think its a real lv bag, cheap replica..sometimes they make crazy designs!
  4. it's sold by let-trade, so i think it is authentic
  5. it's sad, but it's a real bag and a real design from LV
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol:Too funny! I agree, it looks like some strange hybrid between a raccoon and a purse.
  7. Its a chia-LV, just spread the seeds on it and water it and it will grow to look like that :nuts:
  8. its a real L.V...a couple of my friends have it...well one girl has it in that design....and then it also came in a little papillon style mink ...
  9. its actually really cute in real life......looks really good with a pair of cargo pants and a sweater
  10. I think it's sad and horrible.
  11. I just think thats a little too much.
  12. eeew
  13. Yes, this was a limited edition bag - I believe there were 3 styles. One of them was already mentioned earlier - a mini mink papillon (the smallest of the three styles) and rather cute, IMO.
  14. It looks so soft. It's not my kind of bag though.
  15. Ugh cheetah baby?
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