Mink Gucci Kitten bag

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Leona Helmsley

Mar 14, 2006
Hello everyone Im new to the site.

I've been looking for this bag forever. I've seen the gray one and a purple one before. But the one I want is snow white. I know they no longer make them and I've looked everywhere for one.
Any info would help greatly:shame:

Noriko said:
I prefer the dragon looking bag :biggrin: That one is okay though. Wish I could help you find one!

Awww thank you. :love: I know it will be hard to get seeing as though they didn't make very many of them in white. But Id still buy one in grey or black. The purple one won't go with a lot of things. But I think it's great for evening. I have the white mink Gucci shoes from that same season.

I know some people think it looks like "Road Kill" but it is very unique and classy.:shame:

It would be great to have to match with my shoes:lol:
I had the white one and someone stole it. If you come into contact with any other colors besides white, please let me know. I'll purchase any color.


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