Minimum feedback for me to accept Paypal?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm thinking of putting in my auction that I will accept Paypal from users with a minimum of XX positive feedbacks. I know this isn't foolproof as users can buy tons of one cent items, but I'm hoping it will help some as my auction currently says that I am only accepting USPS money orders.

    What do you all think is a reasonable number of feedbacks is? 50...100? Thanks foryour opinions. I really want to sell my bag, but am terrified of getting scammed.
  2. You may not want to accept PP. Scammers love this because they can get their $$$
    back before you even know it. And they don't need your okay to do this. Your best bet may be a bank cashiers check or possibly a money order. Cash,checks and m.o.'s your protected. Paypal & credit card they're protected. If you must use PP,may sure you state "only bidders with a confirmed PP address" That is a little protection for you. Hope this helps you and good luck! :smile:
  3. I wouldn't say that users with only x amount of feedback can bid, why don't you say that bidders with less than 10 feedback must contact you first or their bids will be cancelled.

    TBH I wouldn't put anything like that in my auctions because some newbies have turned out to be my best buyers.

    As for not accepting Paypal, that's a big no-no! You will kill your auctions as no bidders will want to buy from a seller than only accepts checks. I mean would you?
  4. I agree with this! Remember, buyers want to be protected from scammers as well.